6 Degree Raked XC / XR Tree Kit - Black

  • SKU: V-2811
  • $999.95
  • Trees are designed to be used with 23″ or 21″ wheels only ( Does not work with stock diameter front wheel).
  • Innovative top triple tree allows you to ride at stock height or lower your front end by approximately 1″.
  • Kit also includes special travel limiters to allow enough clearance between front fender and triple tree when using a larger diameter 23″ front wheel.
  • Complete kit includes: a top and bottom Raked Trees, Steering Stems, Travel Limiters, Fork Lowering Rings and a new lower Fork Bearing.
  • Black anodized finish.
  • Custom 23″ or 21″ fenders are available separately.
  • 10-up Cross Country®/Cross Roads®

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